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Over 20 years of experience has learned us that at least some privacy is generally appreciated by the, overall, 'better type' of boys. People Direct offers this also to self-employed boys.

We've been working for near to two years planning, drafting and building People Direct. Leading arguments in the development have always been the preferences from both clients and boys as we both know them.

Although boys offering their services at People Direct are not know to us, their profiles, info and advertisements are reviewed by our online editors. As we do not have any influence on self-employed boys and do not know if they actually meet up to what they advertise, we have built an extensive user-feedback system with also the possibilities for immediate blocking by abuse-reporting. Furthermore you will find our unique interactive Digital Assistant, which helps you plan and organise your apppointments.

With the usage of our sites you indicate that you are familiar with, and agree to the terms of these sites and of People Direct.

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Pictures are credit-based. On the next page you can get credits by submitting your credit card details secure on-line by way of Ogone (you can check the certificate in your browser), or by bankpayment. via iDeal. Your application is processed fully automated, so you have immediate access.
You may order credits for a flat rate of only Eur. 25.00 for the first 250 on-line credits , 550 credits for Eur. 50.00 (50 credits bonus), 850 credits for Eur. 75.00 (100 credits bonus), and 1300 credits for Eur. 100.00 (300 credits bonus) and 2200 credits for Eur. 150.

Your credits remain valid for as long as you wish; we are continuously online since 1992 (!).
If you may need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to assist you.

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